America is winning in Iraq!

How, you ask? That’s what Shane Clapper’s new book, Shooting Straight – How the American Led Coalition is Winning the War in Iraq answers.

Clapper has spoken directly with soldiers who have been there and witnessed the bloodshed and the carnage of war. Yet they have also seen the good that is coming out of the liberation process. Their accounts of how the people of Iraq, their mission, and the future of Iraqi democracy look like are entirely different than what one gets on the evening news.This is their story. From Boy Scouts in Iraq, to a Muslim cleric teaching Western literature. From the fall of Baghdad, to Beanie Babies becoming the latest Iraqi fad. From the excitement of reality TV becoming a hit within the country, to Iraq’s WMD’s. Clapper covers it all from front to back and beyond.

As a doctor serving in Iraq, Lieutenant Colonel Gary Morsch put it, “What you see graphically on television is only a sliver of the whole pie. The media is not giving you the big picture, or the whole truth. The fact is there are far more people who appreciate and respect Americans than you’d guess by watching TV. In fact, those who oppose our presence are a very small minority.”

Despite all of the negative news from Iraq, there are immense signs of progress; from education, to business opportunities, to reconstruction, to women’s rights, and in even–imagine it–sports! The list is long on the good things that are going on in Iraq.

Shooting Straight – How the American Led Coalition is Winning the War in Iraq shows what television, most newspapers, and even President Bush has failed to do. It tells why we are winning in Iraq. From facts and figures, to quotes from Iraqis and American soldiers, to stories that will warm your heart. Shooting Straight will get behind the fiction of what many perceive the war to be and get to the heart in answering the question, what is really happening in Iraq?

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