The Relevance Of Dual Diagnosis Help

Alcohol and drug abuse not just has physical but as well as social impacts. The incorrect use of alcohol and drugs could cause people to detach themselves, something that can lead to depression symptoms. The relationships that individuals have with their household, such as their own parents, children, as well as spouses could be affected badly. It may cause people to skip work, avoid important occasions, and let up quite often. The abuse of alcohol and drugs could also cause individuals to become brutal, which makes it hard for them to make and retain friends. Utilizing and abusing drugs can cause an individual to lack motivation and drive. She/he can experience emotions of resentment and anger towards other individuals as well as have extreme alterations in eating and sleeping habits. Apart from that, she/he would be reluctant to deal with personal problems, therefore making them worsen. As she/he will become emotionally unpredictable, the need to test out various drugs will set in. The effects of drug abuse could be serious and that is why an individual must ask for professional help whenever he/she reaches this stage.

Dual Diagnosis HelpIt’s dangerous to combine alcohol and drugs. Prescription narcotics are not the only types of medication which could be harmful when coupled with alcohol. Prescription sleep aids, blood pressure medication, as well as anti-depressants are additional drugs that require abstaining from alcohol while a person is in it. The mixed acetaminophen and alcohol, an over-the-counter medication, can cause a greater chance of stomach bleeding as well as liver damage. The alcohol and drug abuse can potentially reduce a person’s awareness as well as the ability to perform efficiently. For instance, if an individual drives, operates machinery, or engages in normal household activities, such as walking down the stairways, there can be an increased risk of injury or accident. Combining drugs and alcohol must be avoided entirely, no matter what the drug a person is taking. People who end up unable to prevent mixing drugs and alcohol are encouraged to go to a referral center that can help them. To learn more dangerous effects of mixing alcohol and drugs, visit

Alcohol influences women and men differently owing to the differences in size and body mass. Guys are more likely to overeat compared with females. Generally, the amount of tolerance to alcohol is greater in males than females. Aside from that, as a woman ages the tolerance level decreases. Taking two or three drinks in just one hour is enough to impair judgement. Five drinks in 1 hour could raise blood alcohol amounts to 0.10% that is okay in a number of states. Too much consumption of alcohol could interfere with sexual performance. Extreme and consistent drinking could prevent male hormone production and testicular function. This results in infertility and impotence. Alcohol and drug abuse can end up into short-term and long-term health complications. Men that drink are at a higher risk of getting cancer on the throat, mouth, liver, and colon. Long-term alcohol abuse can bring about the development of neurological problems such as neuropathy, dementia, as well as stroke both in women and men. Psychiatric issues just like depression and worry are connected to long-term abuse of alcohol. The situation can be worsened if someone participates in drug abuse also.

Alcohol is not only the oldest drug around but also the most widely-used. Statistics indicate that nearly 50 % of people aged twelve and above have consumed alcohol in the USA. While many people are capable to consume alcohol responsibly, for just one reason or any other, some individuals tend to misuse alcohol and make addictions. In accordance with Drug information coming from the American Council for Drug Education (ACDE), approximately ten to fifteen million individuals in the US could be classified as alcoholics. Around 4.5 million of them are adolescents, and 17% of males and 8% of females would be impacted by alcohol dependence at some stage in their lives. Besides, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that extreme alcohol consumption is directly accountable for 79,000 deaths per year. Drug abuse is also one more huge issue for this country. Annually, alcohol and drug abuse charges the United States government billions of dollars with regards to healthcare therapies, crime, and lost productivity.

A lot of families throughout the United States battle with teen AOD (alcohol and other drug) use or misuse. A study carried out in 2010 shown that by the 8th grade around 36% of teenagers in America have used alcohol at some point of their life (NIDA 2011). This particular number goes up to 71% in the 12th grade. As regards the usage of any kind of illegal drugs, around 21% of teens have tried some type of illegal drug by the 8th grade. The quantity rises to just over 48% on the 12th grade. Though the amount of teenagers that have utilized alcohol as well as other drugs has lowered over the past decade, there are still numerous teens that are utilizing drugs and alcohol regularly and also in dangerous ways. Even though in the United States it’s illegal for under age 21 to buy or be captured having alcohol or illegal drugs, alcohol and drug abuse are common.

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